Theology Quest and Questions in Tiverton

The current series of Theology Quest and Questions ‘trios’ continues in February with no. 3:

Spiritual Care at the End of Life
in a 21st Century Hospice
and the Quest for a Theology of Palliative Care

This trio will be led by Ann Fulton,
Spiritual Care Coordinator at St Margaret’s Somerset Hospice.

Thursdays 6, 13 and 20 February 2020

An outline of the principles of the modern hospice movement, and presentation of a contemporary model of spiritual care: The modern hospice movement, pioneered by Dame Cicely Saunders, was one of the great end-of-life innovations of the 20th century. The emphasis was on care rather than cure, quality rather quantity of life, and person rather than patient. The concept of total pain (physical, psychological, social and spiritual) was central.

Spiritual pain is a key component of total pain yet today many people do not practise a faith. So what might a contemporary model look like? St Margaret’s cares for the spirit, human and divine, in each person.

An exploration into the theology of palliative care: The Christian faith articulates a theology of life after death but what about the theology of palliative care? This too is holy ground, enfolding the most sacred and mystical of moments. It speaks of journeying and homecoming, mutual indwelling, handing over and being handed over. There are moments of presence and there is transfiguration; birthing of souls and crossing through waters. Of those who accompany, it asks for watching and waiting, self-emptying, a readiness to enter the darkness of pain and grief, and a discernment of the language of the other.

We will be meeting for this trio on Thursdays 6, 13 and 20 February: 7-9 pm in the Baptist Church Hall. The very modest fee is £6 per session (£15 for a whole trio). Do come!

David Catchpole


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