After a two-week works shutdown over Christmas and the New Year the builders are now back and making good progress.

At the west end, the new flooring has been completed behind the nave. The joints are yet to be pointed but samples are being prepared for the approval of the architect. The flooring in the children’s area is almost complete and the contractor has managed to reduce the stepped area of flooring against the south wall. This will allow more freedom in designing the entrance area furniture just inside and to the west of the porch. The step in the floor will be hidden below cupboards in the children’s area and the new children’s area will be at the same level as the rest of the west end.

The materials necessary for the structural slab for the new baptistery outside the Greenway Chapel will soon be on site and completion of this area, which is relatively small, will allow the font to be moved from the west end.

The stone flooring for the new servery in the area of the north aisle will be delayed until the structural works to enlarge the opening through the west wall to the new toilet block have been completed. This will prevent damage the new floor. Exposure of the existing archway structure, by removing the plaster finishes, has necessitated a little more design development to ensure that the new opening is structurally sound.

We have discussed the logistics of the contractor handing back the west end for our use whilst the east end dais works progress. It is therefore envisaged that the contractor will retain the north aisle, the servery area, as works in this area will continue after completion of the remainder of the west end. There will be ample space for us to provide seating and a temporary altar in a manner that still allows observation of the current social distancing requirements.

Design work on the new library mezzanine level is almost ready to submit for approval from the Diocesan Advisory Committee. Their preliminary support has already been given, so we hope this process will be reasonably short. Once the revised works have been priced by the contractor, we will be able to plan the timing, but we are sure they will have to continue after the rest of the work – self-contained with access via the north door.

External work on the new toilet block structure is moving forward well. This will become more exiting once the external stonework and stone details start to appear. The external natural stone walling is essentially a cosmetic skin; all the functional requirements will be built into the inner wall, giving an impressive total thickness of about 16 inches. The contactor hopes to be able to start work soon on the toilet block roof structure. Once the block is watertight, the internal works can get underway.

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Here are a few things to remember when accessing the conference call at 10 am on Sunday:

  • The text of the Order of Service is available by clicking the link on our Services page. It will be emailed to those for whom we have up-to-date addresses.
  • The number to join the conference call and the access code are on the Order of Service.
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The online (Zoom) and conference call phone service will be the same as the published service available to download from the Services page.

Notes for Zoomers
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Step 1: Open the order of service on your computer or download it and use a pdf reader.

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