Theology Quest and Questions in Tiverton

This year’s series of Theology Quest and Questions ‘trios’ continues in October with no. 2:

God, goodness and faith in a time of revolution:
thoughts on Les Misérables

This trio will be led by David Hamer.

Thursdays 24, 31 October, and 7 November 2019

Victor Hugo’s monumental novel has recently had yet another airing in a well received BBC series. We will look at the novel and consider the author’s depiction of his turbulent times: divided humanity, religion under attack, faith tested to the limits. Hardly a churchman himself, nor a shining example of moral purity, the author nonetheless has a strong moral sense and attempts to depict the moral and spiritual struggles, failures and successes of his characters as well as searching for a glimpse of the divine.

First session: Les Misérables, the novel of the century: we will look at the context, the plot and the scope of the novel with some reference to other contemporary works.

Second and third sessions: Religion, faith and humanity in Les Miserables: we will explore a comparative outsider’s depiction of religion, personal faith, goodness, and moral struggle, and the mysterious work of God in the world.

We will be meeting for this trio on Thursdays 24 and 31 October, and 7 November: 7-9 pm in the Baptist Church Hall. The very modest fee is £6 per session (£15 for a whole trio). Do come!

David Catchpole


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