Theology Quest and Questions in Tiverton

A new series of Theology Quest and Questions ‘trios’ begins in September with


Mathew under the microscope

David Catchpole
(formerly Professor of Theological Studies, University of Exeter)

Thursdays 19, 26 September and 3 October 2019

Quite soon we shall be listening to extracts from Matthew in the gospel readings Sunday by Sunday. What are the things we should be looking out for?  What did he want to say, and why and how did he say it?

Known most famously for his Sermon on the Mount, Matthew is convinced of the need of the world for the teaching of Jesus. But his position as a commentator on what Jesus was all about was set in turbulent times, for different Christian people thought different things and argument was lively, to put it mildly. Matthew was not reluctant to get involved in the controversy. You can read between the lines that he disapproved – very strongly! – of some trends in early Christianity which, in his view, had got the understanding of how Christianity related to its Jewish roots very, very wrong. Not surprisingly, he believed he was right. The challenge to us in our day is to decide whether he was or not. TQQT attenders are likely to vary a bit on that one!

As we set out on a year of listening to his story of Jesus, with its intense preoccupation with the wisdom Jesus set out to teach, we will reconstruct the story behind the story: Why was he so dismissive of Christian alternatives to his own? How did he engage with the traumas suffered by his people? What has he to say to future faith communities? Above all, what was his Jesus really like?

We will be meeting for this trio on Thursdays 19 and 26 September, and 3 October: 7-9 pm in the Baptist Church Hall. The very modest fee is £6 per session (£15 for a whole trio). Do come! Why not give it a go?

David Catchpole

Art work: Sophie Hacker


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