St Peter’s Safeguarding Policy

St Peter’s has a detailed Policy in place which meets the standard required by the Diocese.

All those who are involved in work with, or come into contact with, vulnerable adults or children are required to undertake training at the appropriate level. This includes all Church Council (PCC) members, clergy and the Safeguarding Officer.

The training is provided by the Diocese and its aim is to set safeguarding in the context of the church, and to familiarise trainees with church and state legislation, policies and practice.

The Safeguarding Officer reviews the Policy every year and any changes are reported to the PCC.

A copy of the Policy is available from the Safeguarding Officer or by clicking the link below.

Catherine Makepeace

Safeguarding Procedures Guidance 2018
Domestic Abuse Policy 2019
Lone Working Guidance 2019
Safeguarding Policy 2019


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