Annual Meetings 2020

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners (Vestry Meeting) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting were held at St. Peter’s Church on Sunday 27th of September 2020. At the Vestry Meeting the minutes of the 2019 Annual Vestry Meeting were received and signed and two churchwardens were elected. Congratulations to Mrs Gill Heard and Mr William Zarrett who will serve for the next twelve months.

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting the St Peter’s Annual Report and the Church Organisations’ reports were received and sidespersons, Deanery Synod representatives and PCC members elected. Congratulations to Joanna Hall-Tomkin, Catherine Makepeace, Jenny Palmer, David Ricks and Richard Stemlake elected/re-elected as PCC members for the next three years. Click here for the full list of office bearers and members of the PCC.

Annual Report and Accounts 2019
Churchwardens’ Fabric Report 2020
Deanery Synod Report 2020

Reports from the Parish Organisations 2019
2020 Vestry Meeting minutes
2020 APCM minutes