Tiverton Mother’s Union

“Promoting and supporting family life since 1876”

Tiverton Mothers Union members endeavour to maintain this in various ways:- 

  • By meeting regularly, praying together, caring for each other and entertaining speakers on subjects related to this aim
  • By raising very necessary funds for our overseas members to enable them to improve family life and health
  • By raising funds for families in Devon in need of short caravan holidays Away From It All (AFIA)
  • By supporting a scheme to enable prisoners, due for release, to rebuild relationships with their children (The Big Book Share)
  • By knitting and sewing articles for premature and new born babies, those with dementia and an overseas orphanges
  • By joining a worldwide Wave of Prayer to pray and support members in our link dioceses in Africa, the Caribbean and South Africa
  • By enjoying each other’s company and having fun!

We meet on the Second Wednesday of each month, 2pm in The Baptist Church Rooms. All welcome.


Lord of all,
unite us in our shared vision
 of a world where God’s love is shown
 through loving, respectful,
 and flourishing relationships. AMEN



To find out more about Tiverton Mothers’ Union contact:

Helen Fensome 01884 256611


or about Mothers’ Union in Exeter visit the website:



or visit www.mothersunion.org for more general information.



Our members – April 2019



Our members – April 2018

Recently, Tiverton Mothers Union have been busy. Sheila Richardson has made a beautiful Crocheted Altar Frontal for the Church on Rendova, in the Solomon Islands that Jenny Palmer is in touch with, and which they had specially requested. We made a lovely MU banner for another of the islands a little while ago.
The blankets, hats and gloves are for Nepalese Orphanages, which are so needed.
All were blessed by Robert at a service in December before they were sent off overseas, with all our love.
Helen Fensome.

Altar frontal for the Solomon Islands
Blankets, Hats & Gloves for Nepalese orphanages

Forthcoming events

Wednesday November 13th 2pm in St Andrews Church Hall.
Mary Seaton will be demonstrating Christmas Flower arrangements. All welcome, please contact Gill Heard if you would like to join us.
Wednesday December 11th 11am   
Advent Service in St.Peters’ Church followed by lunch.


St Peter’s Church
St Peter Street
EX16 6RP

Telephone: 01884 242991


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