The Annual Christingle Service and Crib Blessing – Christmas Eve at 4pm

St Peter’s Church celebrates this candle lit event every year at which a collection is taken in support of The Children’ Society. Please join us and in so doing help the Society in their work for those children desperately in need. It has become a very popular family and community event which raises millions of pounds and at which each child in the congregation is given a christingle.

The Christingle Service was established by the Moravian Church in 1747 and introduced to the Church of England at Lincoln Cathedral in 1968.

A Christingle is made up of several components; an orange representing the world, on which is mounted a lighted candle symbolising Jesus, the Light of the World and around which a red tape represents the blood of Christ. Finally, four cocktail sticks bearing dried fruits or sweets are stuck into the orange to represent the four seasons and the fruits of the earth.